Olive Oil

The Well Dressed Olive is committed to providing our customers with the freshest olive oils, extra virgin olive oils, and specialty oils.  We work with an experienced importer, Veronica Foods, who works directly with growers in both hemispheres. Luckily for our customers, this means that twice a year The Well Dressed Olive switches out our olive oils to reflect the seasonality of the olive harvest in each hemisphere.

Why do we do this? Because olives are fruits and their fruit “juice” is most flavorful and rich close to the crush date. *Crush date is a metric that we proudly display on each of our extra virgin olive oils.  

Expect to see olive oils from all over the world; from Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, California, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, South Africa, among many others.


- Referred to by some as natures gift to skincare.
- Hypoallergenic
- Natural Moisturizer & Cleanser
- Regenerating power on skin tissue
- EVOO improves skin flexibility
- EVOO removes free radicals from skin
- Rich in Vitamin E: assists in anti-ageing
- Rich in Vitamin A: stimulates blood flow improves skin hydration & repair
- Natural source of Squalene: helps the elasticity of the skin

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