In addition to The Well Dressed Olive's Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Specialty Olive Oils we also carry aged Balsamic Vinegars imported from Modena, Italy.

Every one of these balsamic vinegars is naturally barrel aged a minimum of 12 years in the traditional Solera method. Does aging balsamic effect the taste? It results in a rich, sweet, tart, and balanced balsamic flavor.

Grocery store balsamic vinegars are commonly made from red wine vinegar, thickeners, sweeteners, and artificial colors. If you've only every tasted grocery store balsamic your taste buds will be blown away by the flavor and complexity of The Well Dressed Olive's authentic balsamic vinegars.

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How To Use Balsamic:

There are so many uses of balsamic! The combination of sweet and tangy marries well with various dishes and cooking techniques. View balsamic vinegar as a condiment or seasoning, there is no recipe necessary! The first thing that comes to your mind is salad dressing, and YES our traditional and flavored balsamic make some of the most amazing vinaigrettes you will ever have the pleasure to enjoy! But try using your favorite balamics for much more...
Before this vinegar is deemed balsamic it must go through a long and loving aging process similar to wine. That's what creates this magnificent product, like all things- time and the love of good quality crafting!

Balsamic in Cooking

Remember balsamic, is similar to a condiment or seasoning. You can't go wrong with a splash of it here and a drizzle there...
  • DRIZZLE on roasted veggies or proteins after cooking.
    Try a splash of maple balsamic on sweet potatoes or honey ginger balsamic on carrots. How about berry infused balsamic on your yogurt or ICE CREAM for a splash of flavor (combine with a citrus olive oil for extra flavor!)
  • MARINATE; combine with a plain or flavored olive oil in a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio for amazing marinades. It'll blow your socks off!
  • DRINK MIXER/SYRUP; many of our white or dark balsamic pack such a punch they work well as a natural flavor syrup in lemonade, tea, sparking water or soda and mixed drinks. Just add a splash to your drink and give it a swirl.
    Try lavender balsamic in lemonade, strawberry balsamic in tea, jalapeno balsamic in a Mexican Mule, cherry balsamic in sprite or sparking water.
Fold you favorite balsamic in whipped cream or mascarpone to create a sensational MOUSSE for topping your ice cream, cakes, waffles, coffee, and much more!
  • DRESSING or VINAIGRETTE; for green salads, fruit salads, pasta, quinoa, and bean salads. Any salad can be tossed with a mix of balsamic with or without a good olive oil.
  • SAUCES; create a simple pan sauce by adding chicken stock or wine and balsamic to your hot saute pan and allowing it reduce.
  • DIPS or SPREADS; mixing oil and balsamic is a wonderful dip for bread or fresh spring rolls. It's perfect to mix into sour cream, mayo, or greek yogurt to use as a spread on sandwiches and wraps. Imagine a mayo or yogurt mixed with fig balsamic smothered over a lamb burger or a strawberry balsamic spread across a turkey sandwich!
  • PICKLING; pick your choice of veggies and mix with pickling vinegar and The Well Dressed Olive's flavored balsamic to create a healthy snack. Try carrots with honey ginger balsamic or beets and serrano honey vinegar. Delicious!